Social Media, Friend or Foe

By: Estefania Abigail Castro Belmont, Luis Felipe García Espejel, Cinthya Acacio, Lizete Michelle Castillero

How many times have we heard about different companies having trouble with their image or reputation as a result of a non efficient use of social media?

When a company knows how to manage their social media, they are able to increase their stakeholders and keep their image in good shape, but when there is not enough knowledge of how to manage them the results can become irreparable. It is not only about the content that the company might post, but also about how they do it: when, where and if it’s better to post a photo, an infographic or just a comment.

What is the real importance of social media?

Social media has become an important part for the companies and the society because of its speed and diffusion. As internet continues to evolve, it becomes more and more indispensable on our daily lives.


Digital information can be spread in a small amount of time and in a massive scale and so it’s no surprise that social networks are becoming the first avenue that stakeholders take to connect with companies. Recognizing that the power of social media is fundamental for a good reputation in the global market is reason enough to care about the basic etiquette of managing social media.

Goals, posts and platforms

In order to have the best corporate social media impact is primordial to make clear the business goals. The main goal a business should have in its social media is to present a welcoming front to consumers. Since social media is primarily a consumer´s world, the goals of a business must ultimately be consumer-focused in order to succeed.

Another efficient tactic is focused on choosing the right platform and post types. If you take a look at the demographics for the media you use the most, then you will be able to decide what kind of content will best serve the customers. One suggestion that we recommend is to redirect some visual advertising to innovative spaces, like YouTube and Instagram, where it’s easy to find the largest millennial audience. Don’t  forget that all of the content should be optimized for mobile browsing.

Good customer relations on social media can make the company stand out to consumers as a leader in the right industry and  double the potential sales leads. There are different social media networks and each of them has a specific way to communicate information. In this post we will talk about three of them: Facebook (the one with most users), Instagram (the most popular among artists) and Twitter (the one that hears important people).

imgresFacebook. One of the biggest social media platforms that exist today. When a company creates its facebook page it becomes automatically available for billions of users. This platform has the ability to share your ads to people that might be interested on your company. By these means it “introduces” new companies to a large number of people who do not know the brand. The most important here is to show the company value with photos or videos, basic and current information and events where the customers may find them.

imgresInstagram. The social media network that focuses on pictures and videos. Nice pictures are well received by all customers, specially if they are about a product they want. Here, the company may have its own account or can create a relation with an influencer that can use the company products and show them to his or her followers. Instagram is all about visuals: it’s very important to show the best of yourself sharing content that looks mesmerizing.

imgres-1Twitter. A way to keep your followers up to date with current information about your business. Through quick and short messages called tweets, you can let people know about special offers or new products that can encourage your followers to find out more about your company, potentially leading to sales. Twitter is also a chance to liven up your image. Tweeting about your brand´s personality gives followers a sense of your business as more than just a supplier of goods or services.

There are much more social networks such as LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube or Pinterest, and even other type of areas of communication via Social Media such as: blogs, networking sites, game worlds, or even virtual social worlds. Depending on the turn of your company some of these ones may become best friends with you and your company.

“After all, the Internet started out as nothing more than a giant Bulletin Board System (BBS) that allowed users to exchange software, data, messages, and news with each other”.

Andreas M. Kaplan, Michael Haenlein


Always remember that customers are one of the most important parts of the company and knowing them is vital for the management of your social network. If the content isn’t what the consumer expects or if the content does not reach the right customer, then the social media of the company is failing.

Here are some tactics every corporation should adopt to create the perfect social media conduct and a well done image reputation.


In conclusion it does not matter the size of the corporation, whether it is a small company or an emerging start-up. Social media has created a whole new world with rules and protocols to follow. They offer advantages that no other mean can. It can be a tricky playing field, but corporations should to be intimidated. What people want the most right now is for businesses to be real. Do not focus on selling stuff; focus on connecting with the public and your company will find with very loyal brand advocates.


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