Fishing for Millennials

by Jorge Zamudio, Cinthya Navarro, Ana Gual

“The millennial generation is driving the biggest changes in how companies develop and market products and services in industries across the board.”

Millennials are the first generation of digital natives. You must be wondering, how do I reach this new generation that was born in the digital era? When reaching millennials, you need to take into account that connectivity is an integrated aspect inside their lives.

This tech-savvy group of people spend 18 hours a day consuming media, 5.4 of which are spent in social media. This is a great place to start if you don’t know how or where to get their attention. According to Koeppel Direct, millennials check their smartphones 43 times a day, and with the correct message, you only need one of those 43 opportunities to engage with them and gain their interest.

But you need to know what social network to use in order to catch them in one of those 43 opportunities. According to “STATISTA”, the most popular social network worldwide is Facebook with more than 1,870 million active users, holding 18% of the market share, 7% more than it’s closest competitor, also owned by Facebook, WhatsApp.


Furthermore, it’s really interesting how chat apps are the ones that are making the biggest waves of them all, pretty much because of the number of users and engagement ranks, as shown before, this apps rival emails like google in terms of users with each reporting over 1 billion people using its services at least once a month. If we combine the top four chat apps Boast more than 3billion monthly active users globally.

This is important because, according to ADOBE, almost 70% of respondents believe that text messaging is easier, shorter and faster than writing an email and clearly is a great way to approach millennials.

Captura de pantalla 2017-03-13 a las 10.06.44 p.m.

Another key element to keep in mind is that millennials care about their surroundings and brand ethics. They are more likely to buy a product if it is environmentally friendly or if it benefits a social cause. Furthermore, millennials are willing to spend more money on a product if the company is socially responsible.


Messages targeting millennials must be short, clear and attractive. Constantly multi-tasking, millennials have a very short attention span, ranging from 8 to 15 seconds. This means that your message must be concise and interesting enough so that they want to know more about your brand.

Like other generations, millennials are looking for value, they’re not always trying to get the best for less, because they want to be part of an exclusive group, so if you want to conquer millennial’s wallet, add value and exclusivity to your product. 

Millennials not only want to feel part of the group, they actually want to be part of the creative process of the product, that’s why it’s so important the use of influencers, influencers draw much more online participation with the customers. 

Wrapping up, millennials are a visual and digital generation that cares about the world. Not only does your product need to be of the highest quality, but it needs to be the most attractive bait in order to hook them.

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