Wear a helmet, save your life

By: Eduardo Madrigal Pérez, Alejandro Palacios Santacruz, Rodrigo Torres del Castillo


“Every battle is won before it is fought.” – Sun Tzu

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Now a days sexual relationships are based mainly on two things, social media stalking and sex. Both are equally dangerous when it comes to the survival of your relationship, but only one of those can give you AIDS. Unprotected sex is very common  due to the use of  “The pill” and other methods that seem as if they were immune to babies. But pills cannot  protect you from diseases, condoms can. Rather than this being your regular pep talk about safe sex, is a talk soldier to soldier adressing the relevance of condoms nowadays and why it is always better being safe than sorry when it comes to your sexuality. Because if there is one subject where being beligerant is acceptable, is in the battle against STDs.


¡Prepare for battle!


According to IMSS (Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social) condoms have a 85% to 95% rate of successfully not breaking during intercourse. The idea is to protect your body without creating  a barrier between you and your partner, without taking away the pleasure, fun and the excitement while having sex. That way you can maintain your natural drive  and you are being  safe at the same time.


According to UNIAIDS a lot of young people refuse to use  condoms because of their texture of  latex and it´s smell, but this has changed. Technology has allowed the dawn of  a wide variety of condoms including texturized and flavored ones.  Using a condom should not be something dull or boring, it should be something “responsibly sexy”. This applies to both men and women

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Be a war hero


It is believed that  the responsibility of  bringing a condom and carrying it  everywhere one goes falls on men, but women should also have condoms with them so they can protect themselves(may they be femenine or male condoms). That way the responsability duty is not just onesided, but a matter for both sexes; women are part of this army too. Condoms protect both parts (or more) of the intercourse, from diseases that can affect you for the rest of your life and sometimes end with it; such as gonorreah, sifillis, genital herpes, human papillomavirus, aids, etc.  just to mention a few.

Acording to UNAIDS women condoms are almost not sold at all, this numbers should be more less equal compared to men, since sexual relations involve both of them.The protection of your body is not a matter for saving money, for the government has the obligation of giving them to you for free. There are literally no excuses for not using a condom during sex, it is your body and you need to think of taking care of it always out there in the battlefield.

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Here are six tips we have for you:

  • Put the condom inside your boxers, so that when you take them off…no excuses.
  • Lady you forgot your purse? Use your bra!
  • Have one in your car, backpack, gym bag, purse, room, everywhere.
  • Tape it to your leg so when you are naked and your partner sees it…BOOM
  • Buy one everytime you go to the supermarket or an OXXO. Think of them as bullets for your weapon and without them, you can´t use it.
  • Don’t be shy, people always respect war heros.



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